For your peace and relaxation


The cabin is located in the middle of a pine forest, 40 minutes from Lviv. Designed for a maximum of 2 people.
You can observe nature without getting out of bed or go out to your own terrace on the shore of the lake. The house is open all year round, it is ideal both for a summer day with a barbecue and for a rainy autumn morning.

What can you find in Invisible

⁃ Induction stove
⁃ Refrigerator
⁃ Coffee machine with grain coffee
⁃ Teapot
⁃ Microwave
⁃ Dishes for cooking
⁃ Dishes for serving
⁃ Glasses
⁃ Shompuri
⁃ Barbecue grill
⁃ Tea
⁃ Salt, pepper, sugar

⁃ A bed
⁃ Table
⁃ Two stools
⁃ Projector
⁃ Shower cabin
⁃ Toilet
⁃ Hairdryer
⁃ Towels
⁃ Shower Gel

⁃ Wi-Fi/LTE connection
⁃ Electric heating
⁃ Own terrace near the lake
⁃ Brazier
⁃ Firewood
⁃ Parking
⁃ Pet friendly (the size of the pet does not matter)

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